Tulla Mir

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Tulla Mir is a preceptor of the Nordrathi cartographer's guild and was a senior official in the civilian contingent of the reclamation of Caddow. [1]


She is tall and pale-skinned, her blonde hair tinged with silver whilst her narrow features are marked on side by the jagged tattoos of her clan. During the reclamation of Caddow she wore blued steel plate armour, etched wuth celestial sigils over loose blue robes, a fine duardin pistol in a holster at her hip. Her instruments were carried in a satchel with bundles of parchment draped across her chest. Tulla's accent remains quite rough. [1a]


She was born a member of clan in the Nordrath Mountains. [1a]

Tulla formed part of the expedition to reclaim the city of Caddow in the Realm of Shyish and was excited to explore and map the city. She was allowed to venture into the once famed docklands of that city guarded by Aetius Shieldborn, his Stormcast and elements of the Tenth Cohort of the Gallowsmen under Lieutenant Rena Dashos. There they were ambushed by Beastmen. [1a]


There are dust-barques, still in their berths! Once, they plied the Sea of Dust, carrying cargos of silk and pices from Azyr to the cities of eastern Shyish. Even as Tuman Wey wrote, in his seminal treatise on the southern trade routes.....

~ Tulla to an increasingly disinterested Aetius.[1a]