Trophy (Currency)

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Trophies serve as one of the most esoteric forms of money employed by the Grand Alliance of Destruction. A trophy is any moment taken to commemorate a battle, with broken horns, severed heads, and skulls being particularly common. The value of a trophy is tied not to any intrinsic value, but the story that surrounds it.[1a]


Though most champions within Destruction are known to use trophies, even Troggoths will pause and consider a trade when presented with a trophy that smells of violence and power, it is the Hobgrots that choose to do much of their trading in trophies, often exaggerating the bloody stories around each piece to get a better value.[1a]


Trophies do not have any standard denominations, with the value of each fluctuating with the stories that have formed around it, whether the tales be true or false. The least valuable trophies are taken from unremarkable foes or forgettable bouts, while those that come with exciting blood-soaked tales carry the greatest value.[1a]