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Troggoth 01.jpeg
A Dankhold Troggoth.
Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Gloomspite Gitz
Main grouping Troggherd
Races Troggoth
Warbands Mollog's Mob

The Troggherds are a group of races with regenerative abilities, a corrosive bile that can be vomited as a weapon and very tiny brains that can only think of violence. These creatures come out from under bridges, the decaying veins of mountains and the silt of river bottoms to destroy. Many regions of the Mortal Realms are plagued by these creatures, the destruction their violent packs cause seen on the ruins of merchant caravans and villages. These misbegotten children of Gorkamorka are born in the gruel of where the light of Azyr doesn't shine. They are drawn from these the deep dark places by the call to war, joining the many orruk clans that goad them into battle.[1]


None know for certain how many Troggoths inhabit the realms, but it is theorised by Azyrite scholars that, due to their nonsensical biology, the first of their number came from the deepest and darkest arcane gunge pools when the Realms first formed - essentially making them creation's foetid effluvium, and explaining both their adaptability and attraction to Realmstone. [2a]

Nonetheless, they were driven deeper into the caves by the coming of Sigmar, still multiplying and growing out of sight. [2b] It is here that they grew close to the myriad cave-dwelling subspecies of grots, owing both to their mutual connection to the Bad Moon and the Grots' tendency to hide in their hulking shadows. [2c] Throughout the Age of Chaos, the coming of the Stormcast Eternals, and even the Necroquake the Troggherds have been largely content to steadfastly pick their noses, headbutt mountains, and defend their territory from outsiders. [2b]

The Troggherds played a vital part of Skragrott the Loonking's conquest of Skrappa Spill. [2b]


Though most Troggoths habitually gather in small packs, it is rare for them to intentionally form larger gatherings, due to it being easier to simply club anything that comes within their territory. However, under an especially old or powerful Dankhold Troggoth, it is not unheard of for multiple packs of troggoths to coagulate into something that could generously be termed an army, typically referred to as a Troggherd. [3a]

None are sure whether it is instinct, the Gloomspite, or some other force that leads troggoths to follow a Dankhold Troggboss' lead, as there is scant communication between the troggoths - save base grunting, some possibly involuntary spraying of bodily fluids and a healthy dose of clubbing blows. Yet troggoth packs will often gather from hundreds of miles apart to join these lumbering migrations. The troggoths just seem to know where to go and, once they have gathered, act with a unity that would be impressive - were it not so idiotically destructive. [3a]

Once a direction has been set by the Dankhold Troggboss, a Troggherd is comparable to a slow-moving, living avalanche - scooping up and swallowing anything nearby, and reducing the rest to smouldering rubble via corrosive vomit or smashing clubs. They will keep lumbering in this roughly straight line through everything that lies in their path, crashing clean through cities, forts, settlements, and not even letting things such as oceans or mountains hold them back. [3a]

Scholars have speculated that the reason the Troggherds instinctively follow these routes are that the Bad Moon has already - or will soon - take them. Some are quite clearly possessed by the Gloomspite, forming the unwitting hearts of devastating Gloomspite hordes as the Bad Moon swells overhead. Others emerge from the hinterlands with neither warning nor apparent purpose, bashing their way mindlessly through anything that gets in their way. [3a]



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