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Trisethni the Tongueless is a Witch Aelf and Assassin of the Khailebron Sect. [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Covens of Blood

She was for many years known as Trisethni the Unseen. [1]


She has silver-blonde hair and cold but beautiful features. [1a]


Her birth mother sent her to learn lore, obedience and weapons training under Hag Queen Belleth. [1c]

In the aftermath of her first battle, she had excitedly overcome her exhaustion to dedicate her victory to Khaine, Morathi and Belleth. She and the Hag Queen and they danced together amongst the dead and dying.[1f]

For several decades she served as an assassin and Belleth named her the Unseen, and subsequently they also became lovers.[1c] She travelled to Hagg Nar for additional training and testing on four occassions, worshipping at the great shrine as she endured the brutal reforging of body and soul. [1i]

After a performance for the son of Lord Rygo in Greywater Fastness, a drunken guest insulted one of her sisters Itara and the man was slaughtered on the spot. Later that night Trisethni returned to enact vengeance on the lord and his son [1a] and he tried to trade a hidden book that he claimed held secrets about Morathi for their lives. [1b]

She discovered that Belleth had secretly inspected the book before she had dispatched Trisethni to enact vengeance. [1b] After killing the lord, his son and the other guests she returned to the Draichi Ganeth sect temple where the Khailebron where staying, the book unread. She reported all that had happened to Bekketh and told her about the book, the Queen at first annoyed but then telling her she had passed a test by leaving it unread. [1d]

Her Hag Queen then announced that she had selected her for a mission for the First Daughter, Morathi herself. She would travel through the Ebonfire Realmgate to the Spyrglass Warrens in the Realm of Ulgu and there cleanse it of a trio of Daemonettes whose rituals threatened to interfere with Hagg Nar's communications with other temples. [1e]

As she travelled across the mire that surrounded Greywater, she was attacked a mutated monster, tainted by Nurgle. She killed it, but was poisoned by its serrated suckers and would have died if she had not been healed by Sylvaneth as a reward for killing the beast that plagued them, but she was warned to leave the mire by dusk the next day or be killed. [1g]

Several weeks of hard travel later and after killing a tainted bear she spoke to a battered mercenary company, hoping to ascertain threats ahead. Brida Devholm, captain of Lady's Justice Freeguild company informed her that they had fought a large Beastmen herd and gave her directions to avoid the survivors. [1h]

She reached the realmgate and performed the ritual to activate it, stepping into Ulgu where she used her magic to open a way onto the Shadowpath, hoping to move directly to the Spyrglass Warrens. However as she moved closer, the path became tainted by the magic of the Daemonettes and she found herself transported into its depths. [1j]

The subsequent fight in the dark depths was a brutal test of her faith and willpower as much as her skills of survival and fighting. Finally the last Daemonette nearly converted her, calling on her to speak the name of their god and join them in depravity. Unable to trust herself, Trisethni hacked off her own tongue to prevent herself speaking the name of the Dark Prince and then flung the bloody remnants at the daemon. She followed it up with her blades and cut it to pieces. [1k]

It was several months before she re-joined her sisters who had travelled to Hammerhal Ghyra. [1m] She was greeted warmly by Belleth but was not offered the rejuvenation in the cauldron she needed to heal her scars and restore her tongue. left alone with food and drink, she realised that the wine had been dosed with a large dose of Dream-pine, perhaps enough to kill her. [1n]

Feigning unconsciousness, she heard Belleth being commanded by another aelf to ensure she was dead and to take the book to Hellebron. Full of fury Trisethni, attacked the Hag Queen when she was alone, Belleth at first fought purly defensively, trying to convince her that she was looking to save her and that it was Morathi that could not be trusted. When Trisethni manged to chop off her hand, Belleth held back no more and transformed into her Medusa form. Once in this much more powerful shape, she took a drink of the wine on the alter to Khaine to call upon his strength, not realising that it was poisoned giving her former lover a chance. When the battle ended, only Trisethni was left alive. [1n]

She left the temple, taking the book to Hagg Nar. [1o]

Later she and two others, Vahis of the Draichi-Ganeth and Neponora of the Kharumathi fought each other in a primary bout of mortal combat, watched by Morathi herself. However as they fought, the First Daughter flung her Melusai handmaiden, Filstag into the arena, declaring her a traitor and that the one that killed her would take place. All three combatants were injured and Filstag was a master of combat and Neponora was slain before the handmaiden was cut down. [1p]

Although the melusai appeared to be dead, she struck out with the last of her strength, stabbing Vahis and enfolding the assassin in her coils. Morathi herself now intervened, dispatching her truely with Heartrender before transforming herself into her true form, healing both survivors and transforming Vahis into a Medusa. Trisethni had her tongue restored, and with Vahis proclaimed her loyalty to Khaine and his First Daughter. [1p]

However Morathi was still concerned and once more tore out Trisethni's tongue, making her and naming her as the Tongueless once more. She would be given back her tongue only when the High Matriarch required her to speak. Trisethni offered the torn-out organ to Morathi as a further symbol of devotion. [1p]


Trisethni is able to use her magic to open a way on to the Shadowpaths [1j] and also to enchant her weapons. [1k]


I will do all the First Daughter and you command, my queen. I will make you proud. I will make you love me again....I offer my life and my skill to Khaine for his glory. If I die in the attempt, I will die with blood on my blades and Khaine's name in my heart.'

~Trisethni to Belleth.[1e]


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