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The Triptych was a triad of fortresses surmounted by gargantuan statues of Ossiarch lords in the underworld of Praetoris in Shyish, in the heart of the Ossiarch Empire. It was considered one of the wonders of Shyish before it was destroyed in the War of Light and Death.[1a][2a]


The Triptych fortresses were each placed atop a realmgate to another location in Shyish, making the Triptych a major strategic point in the Ossiarch Empire.[2a]


Each of the fortresses was made of smooth bone, and each of the statues was the image of one of the great Ossiarch generals who had earned distinction in the protection of Praetoris against Chaos.[1a] The fortresses were named for the statues above them:

The statue of Katakros above the fortress of the same name was the largest and most impressive of the three statues.[1a]


Each fortress contained a garrison of Mortek soldiers and Mortisan wizards. The design of the statues was such that the Mortisans could use their magic to make them move, which they used to deadly effect in the battle for the Triptych - the statues were able to smash the floating metaliths of the Lumineth invaders to the ground, allowing the fortress garrisons to engage the foe.[1a][1b]

The Mortisans rebuilding the fortress-statues are adding further defences, both arcane and physical, to the rebuilt Triptych in order to avoid another defeat.[2a]