Trickster's Tongue

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The Trickster's Tongue is seemingly littler more than jumble of the Azyrite tongue and the old language known as Arcanti, to a casual obeserver the script is unintelligible and the speech seemingly nonsense. In reality it is the secret language of thieves and killers, developed by the ancient Guilds of the Cat.[1a]


Age of Myth

The Trickster's Tongue was first created long ago during the height of civilization by the Guilds of the Cat, who were the greatest thieves and killers of the Mortal Realms before the coming of Chaos.[1a]

Age of Chaos

The last surviving masters of the Guilds of the Cat were slain during the Purge of Azyr, leaving their organizations reduced in power. However, the language and codes they had helped developed lived on, though they would change slightly over the course of the centuries that followed.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

By the time the Gates of Azyr are re-opened and the Mortal Realms recolonized by Sigmar's great armies, only those that are inducted into the seven orders of the Guilds of the Cat or those that do business with them know the Trickster's Tongue. One of these orders, the Temple of Soris, maintains a chapel in Excelsis.[1a]


The Trickster's Tongue is used by thieves and murderers to communicate amongst themselves in secret. The language is also known to be engraved on the entrance to the Latchkey Isle, the domain of the Prince of Cats and afterlife of thieves, killers, and other folk who make a living in the shadows of society.[1a]