Trials of Grimfyre

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The Trials of Grimfyre are a series of challenges that determine a Fyreslayer's worthiness to join the Hearthguard Berzerkers who guard their lodge's Auric Runefather and his family.[1a]


The trials are traditionally held on each Heirborn Day as part of the celebrations of the birth of a new Auric Runeson. Those who succeed in the trials during the celebrations are usually designated as the bodyguards of the new Runeson, though like all Hearthguard Berzerkers they swear their oaths to the Runefather and follow his orders.[1a][2a]


The warriors allowed to take part in the trials are usually those Vulkite Berzerkers who have distinguished themselves in battle or in the ritual combats and competitions that make frequent appearances on their lodge's social calendar. The aspirants take part in challenges to test their strength of will, loyalty to the lodge and the Runefather, faith in Grimnir and skill using their ur-gold runes, and whatever else the presiding Runefather sees as necessary for his bodyguards. The only certain thing is that the trials will involve tests of the aspirants' combat prowess against all manner of ferocious beasts and monsters. It is not uncommon for failed aspirants to die during these combat challenges.[1a]


Successful aspirants swear an oath of loyalty to the Runefather and the lodge, and the Runefather grants the new Hearthguard blessed weapons from his personal armoury to mark their status.[1a]