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A Tretchlet growing off the shoulder of a Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch and whispering counsel into his ear.

Tretchlet are lesser Daemon homunculus and spirit-creatures from the Realm of Chaos that have a symbiotic relationship with a Curseling.[1a][1b]


Rising sorcerers and acolytes of the dark arts often learn many secrets, with some coalescing inside their bodies growing in it until it possesses a malign sentience. These eldritch tumours of forbidden knowledge are known as Tretchlets or the Tretchlet's Curse and it is believed that these spirit creatures grow from those that learned too many or just the wrong secrets at the wrong time.[1a][1b][2b]


A Tretchlet can smell out secrets as they are spoken by sucking the air through their chattering teeth. Their questions can also draw out hidden knowledge, using it to glean a person's innermost secrets.[1b][2a]

Tretchlet can also glean the magic from the mind of their foes and hurling it back at their caster, an act which they greatly enjoy.[2b]

Relationship with Curselings

These mishapen, cackling parasites grafts itself or sprouts on the torsos of Curselings, giving it many strange gifts and guidance. It provides them with counsel, whisper and hissing constant advice on their ears to seek further knowledge. The ability of the Tretchlet to detect lies and ask questions that draw out hidden knowledge is valued trait in the Arcanite Cults and many Curselings often acts as an inquisitor for them, using the daemons abilities to help the cult seek arcane enlightenment or determining if new acolytes are worthy of joining the cult.[1a][1b][2a][2b]

In exchange the Curseling will fed the ravenous minor daemon the souls of failed aspirants to the cult. They also gain an immense gratification, enough to make them cackle manically, than seeing their Curseling or themselves use the magic of their foes against them in battle.[1a][1b][2a][2b]


Notable characters that host a Tretchlet are:



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