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Within a Kharadron Overlords Armoury

Created in the powerful foundries of the mighty sky-ports of the overlords, these artefacts range from deadly aether weapons through wondrous enhancements to their vessels and master crafted armour.

Aethermatic Weapons

Aethermatic Weapons[1]
Name Description Notes
Aethershock Bludgeon A weapon able to pulverise and crack metal with every blow.
Aethershock Earbuster A shrieker isotope that was discovered by Lhux Zadum causes aether-shots to wail disconcertedly.
Gattlesson’s Endless Repeater The gun is fitted with an aether supercharger to maximise its rate of fire.
Hammer of Aethermatic Might Impacts from this weapon release aether energies in a blinding flash.
Sledgeshock Hammer Endrineers have blended with the metals of this weapon to increase the power of its blows.
Staff of Ocular Optimisation Special lenses and aether filters that can penetrate mist and murk.

Great Endrinworks

Great Endrinworks[1]
Name Description Notes
Ebullient Buoyancy Aid Sky-vessels with this enhancement are especially buoyant and able to carry heavier loads without compromising their agility, even in the thinnest of atmospheres.
Incredible Self-Healing Hull Emulating their creator, the ships made by Endrinmaster Dhurak Thengisson are especially resilient.
Magnificent Omniscope A ships Navigator can use this device to gauge the aetheric winds and ensure the ship moves as fast as possible.
Malefic Skymines A powerful weapon invented during the Great Harpy Migrations.
Prudency Chutes Emergency evacuation is made easier by these devices, often coloured in outrageous patterns.
The Last Word Even as the enemies prepare to board, the ship can lash out with a powerful weapon.

Treasures of the Sky-Ports

Treasures of the Sky-ports[1]
Name Description Notes
Autotinkerer A Kharadron with this device is able to examine, directly interface and repair the hulls of skyvessels.
Aethercharged Rune The bearer of this rune can use its aether charge in an emergency.
Aethersight Loupe Aetherfields are visible to the wearer, thanks to its finely crafted lenses
Balebreath Mask The wearer is able to unleash a poisonous gas cloud against their enemies
Gimlet Lens Able to see through objects, the lens is a powerful wonder of Kharadron science and technology.
Masterwrought Armour The duardin have always been renowned for the quality of their armour and these are the pinnacle of their craft.

General Weapons

General Weapons[1]
Name Wielder Notes
Aethercannon Grundstok Thunderer
Aethermight Hammer Endrinmaster
Aethermatic Saw Endrinrigger, Edrinrigger Mizzenmaster
Aethermatic Volley Gun Arkanaut, Arkanaut Company Captain, Endrinrigger, Edrinrigger Mizzenmaster, Skywarden, Skywarden Custodian
Aethershot Rifle Grundstok Thunderer, Grundstok Gunnery Sergeant
Arkanaut Cutter Arkanaut, Arkanaut Company Captain
Decksweeper Grundstok Thunderer
Drill Cannon Endrinrigger, Endrinrigger Mizzenmaster, Skywarden, Skywarden Custodian
Gaze of Grungni Endrinmaster
Grundstok Mortar Grundstok Thunderer
Light Skyhook Arkanaut, Arkanaut Company Captain
Privateer Pistol Arkanaut, Arkanaut Company Captain
Ranging Pistol Aetheric Navigator
Rapid-fire Rivet Gun Endrinrigger, Ednrinrigger Mizzenmaster
Skalfhammer Arkanaut Admiral
Skyhook Endrinrigger, Endrinrigger Mizzenmaster, Skywarden, Skywarden Custodian
Skypike Arkanaut, Arkanaut Company Captain, Skywarden, Skywarden Custodian
Volley Pistol Arkanaut Admiral
Vulcaniser Pistol Skywarden, Skywarden Custodian
Zephrscope Aether-Khemist

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