Trading Empire of Bataar

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The Trading Empire of Bataar is a powerful neutral nation that has arisen to become a regional power in the western Great Parch since the dawning of the Age of Sigmar. It is centered around the Floating Market.[1a]



The Bataari were once ruled by a number of Merchant-Kings, controlling large swaths of lands and riches. Following the calamity of the Age of Chaos, the surviving royal bloodlines now rule together trough the Bataar Trader's Guild. The rank and influence of each member of the Wide Table is determined trough an annual ritual, called the 'Game of Razored Gifts'. A persons influence is determined by how generous their offered tribute is.[3a]


The Trading Empire of Bataar boasts a number of thriving industries such as the textile farms that produce firesilk and lucrative mineral forges. These help fund additional ventures like mining operations in the Venal Peaks.[2a]

Their economy thrives partially due their merchants not being bound by the same codes that the people of the Free Cities of Sigmar abide by.[1a]


The Trading Empire is inhabitted mostly by the Bataari people.[2a][3a]


  • Floating Market: The capital of the trading empire of Bataar. It boasts the most luxuriant barter-halls anywhere within the Mortal Realms, with thousands of merchants living and bartering within them[1a]