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Hierarchy of an Alfrostun

Alfrostuns are the traditional nomadic tribes of the Beastclaw Raiders. Most Mawtribes boast at least a few of these roving bands, though they are most commonly sighted fighting under the banner of Beastclaw-dominated Mawtribes such as the Boulderhead and Thunderbellies.[1e]



The masters of the Alfrostuns are the Frostlords. These hulking chieftains are the biggest and toughest of their kind, second in prestige only to the Frost Kings - legendary overlords that rule Beastclaw Mawtribes. While a Frostlord's dominance is unquestioned - at least until a challenger decides to make an attempt to seize leadership - these war leaders maintain a trio of subordinate chieftains who control the three major arms of the Alfrostun.[1e]


The bulk of an Alffrostun's forces are split into 'arms', which are the Jorlbad, the Eurlbad, and the Torrbad. Before each battle, the Frostlord will decide which Huskard will command the Jorlbad and which will command the Eurlbad, dependent on who has proven themselves most worthy during previous raids. Despite their differing duties, the composition of of both is similar and each is led by a Huskard mounted upon a Stonehorn.[1e] The chieftain of the Torrbad, the Huskard Torr, unlike their fellow chieftains is chosen by the Everwinter themselves and retains their position for life.[3d]


The Jorlbad, also known as the 'Fighting Hand', is the most prestigious arm of the of the Alfrostun. It is lead by a Huskard Jorl who traditionally rides upon a Stonehorn.[3b] It is formed from the tribe's most celebrated warriors, and the Jorlbad is granted the greatest share of meat upon a triumphant raid, for it is they who are found at the thick of the fighting. The Huskard leading the Jorlbad is typically the Alfrostun's most fearsome champion, second only in skill and ferocity to the Frostlord.[1e] The Jorlbad has the honour of striking first and claiming first blood. The most intimidating targets, from monstrous Zombie Dragons to hissing Magmadroths, are theirs to smash. Lines are broken apart by ground-breaking Stonehorn charges, and the gaps torn wider with packs of Mournfang cavalry. The Jorlbad does not pause to finish off the wounded or pillage the battlefield, instead ploughing on in search of flesh glories.[3b]


After the Jorlbad comes the Eurlbad, or the 'Eating Hand'. It is lead by a Huskard Eurl who traditionally rides upon a Stonehorn.[3b] Though considered second in prestige, it is no less important than the Jorlbad. It is tasked with securing the areas overrun by the Alfrostun's vanguard forces, slaughtering any last pockets of resistance and harvesting every last scrap of meat.[1e] The Eurlbad often rides in the shadow of the Jorlbad, or lurks on the flanks waiting for its moment to strike. Its Huskard and his warrior Mournfang packs often deliver the knockout blow to an enemy army, crashing down upon them in an avalanche of ogor and beast flesh. Fortified settlements and castle walls are left to the Eurlbad to breach, for the Jorlbad would have already pressed on deeper into enemy territory. Where the is Jorlbad is speed and surprise of the howling mountain gale, the Eurlbad is the relenelt close of the slowly rising snow.[3b]


The Torrbad is the herald of winter, led by a Huskard Torr who traditionally rides upon a Thundertusk. The Huskard Torr maintains their position until death, having been chosen by the Everwinter, for these mysterious figures can read the winds and the see the will of Gorkamorka in the frost.[3c] The Huskard Torr serves as the spiritual for the Alfrostun, whose connection to the Everwinter is invaluable to the tribe's Frostlord. Crompisoon the Alfrostun's Thundertusks, the Torrbad uses its freezing prescence to great effect upon the battlefield. Its chill also serves to draw in other creatures of winter, such as Icefall Yhetees, that add to the Torrbad's savagery in battle.[1e]


Unaligned with any of the arms of the Alfrostun is the Skal, the Alfrostun's scouting force. Formed of veteran Icebrow Hunters whose task is to seek out the richest hunting grounds. They answer directly to the Frostlord, although it is rare for the Frostlord to directly control them as their hunter's instincts are trusted implicitly and are usually granted freedom to roam and track as they see fit.[1e] The Skal's Icebrow Hunters are often accompanied by Frost Sabres, which the Hunters raise from cubs, and the bond they form is such that the beasts would give their lies for their masters if necessary.[3d]


Accompanying each chieftain of the Jorlbad and Eurlbad are Stonehorn Beastriders, deadly shock troops that form the elite Atta pack. Beneath these are packs of Mournfang riders led by Skalgs, or sub-chiefs.[1e] These packs are designated by savage symbols daubed on muscles or beast flesh.[3f]

  • Atta – great strength, the clenched fist and the mountain
  • Svo – the power of the blizzard, sorcery and the Everwinter
  • Otri – the endless hunt and the spear or arrow seeking out its prey
  • Fvor – fires of the camp, dwellings and the wilderness home
  • Hirf – the vast sky, the Blood Vulture and soaring flight

The size of these packs varies greatly between tribes, and while some Jorlbads and Eurlbads might only comprise a Huskard and a handful of Mournfang cavalry, others include vast hers of Stonehorns and hordes of ogor riders.[3e]


Most Alfrostuns include a Jorlbad, an Eurlbad, a Torrbad, and a Skal, though not all of them do. The Thunderbellies' beastrider clans of the Sky Roads consist entirely of mounted Stonehorn riders, while others include several roaming Icebrow Hunter packs. The Winterbite Mawtribe particularly favours the latter.[1e]

Notable Alfrostuns


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