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Portrait of Torgillius the Chamberlain.

Torgillius the Chamberlain is a mad scholar in service to Radukar the Wolf.[2]


Torgillius was once a member of the order of the Pact Mortalis, an organization of scholars and sepulchrists in the city of Mournhold[3] and an expert on grave-sand, a magical substance made from realmstone endemic to Shyish that is said to have properties over both the living and the dead.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Upon Ulfenkarn's enslavement by Radukar and his Thirsting Court, Torgillius joined with the Vampire Lord.


Torgillius is able to see through the eyes of the Corpse-Rats which infest Ulfenkarn, giving him access to spy on the entirety of the city's populace.[3] Torgillius' mastery of grave-sand also means that he has learned to use the material as a means of defense against attack.


'I believe I am on the verge of a breakthrough. Bring me more subjects. And no more half-starved wealkings – the last batch didn't even last the night.'

- Torgillius the Chamberlain .[2]



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