Tome Celestial: The Grimscuttle Tribes

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The Tome Celestial: The Grimscuttle Tribes is a mini-Battletome in White Dwarf December 2020 which contains lore and rules to play as that subfaction.[1]


  • Background on the Spiderfang, pg. 16-21. [1]
  • To Weave the Web: Grimscuttle Tribes timeline, pg. 22-23. [1]
  • Allegiance Abilities, pg. 24 [1]
  • Warscroll Battalion2, pg. 25 [1]


The Zealous Grots of the Grimscuttle tribes boast of their connection to the Spider God, and they certainly seem to display a knack for channelling its uncanny powers.

~ Allegiance Abilities.[1]