Tomb Banshee

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Tomb Banshees are Nighthaunt spirits that had their lives taken from them in an unjust way. They dwell upon this dark deed, becoming spiteful and hate-filled in the process.[2a]


These embittered spirits spend their afterlife haunting the material plane (most often the site of their death), fated to moan and sail for eternity. They are often sought after by users of dark magic and necromancy, making deadly servants. However, they are most often reported either acting alone, or within Nighthaunt Processions, shifting in and out of the Spectral formations, letting out their deadly scream. [1a]


The touch of a Tomb Banshee is enough to silence the heart of any creature, as is the chill daggers they bear. However, their most well-known and formidable weapon is their piercing wail, which can freeze the life of an opponent in their veins, the cacophony rending the soul from the very body. [1a][2a][3]




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