Tobias Kench

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Tobias Kench was a watchman, second class in the city of Draconium in the Realm of Aqshy [1]

His normal patrol route took him along the edge of Docksflow, then he doubled back west to reach the factories and workshops of Forges, then heading back uphill to the more affluent streets of High Drake and finally to the watch blockhouse atop Gallowhill. When he had had a bad day he would head for the Wayward King tavern in the Pipers' District to work off the stress on ne'er-do-wells. He was fond of a stray cat - Saint Klaus who he would often feed. [1]


He carried a halberd and lantern, a silver clasp, inscribed with Sigmar's hammer, held his cloak in place and confirmed his rank. [1]


His wife Iyenna left him, citing as the cause his twin mistresses – his job and his religion. [1]

With Saint Klaus he discovered a tunnel beneath the Wayward King and met his end investigating it. [1]


Such impious souls always stray when the daemon drink takes them, I am merely preempting their transgressions, reminding them that Sigmar is always watching.

~Tobias, exiting the Wayward King tavern.[1]