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Toba Lorchai is the center of Barak-Thryng's interests in and around the Blackfire Bight. Depending on how one interprets the varied artycles of the Kharadron Code this settlement could be defined as either a free port, a small city, or a large town.[1a]


Pioneers from Barak-Thryng erect the great stone skydocks that would eventually become the heart of Toba Lorchai. Eventually locals from across the Blackfire Bight build a settlement around the skyport, this settlement becomes the center of Barak-Thryng's operations in the region.[1a]

The city is eventually sacked by Idoneth Deepkin of the Mor'phann enclave. Though the sacking of the city is incidental, their true purpose is to recover shards of the Chorrileum of Aighmar, the Idoneth city in the Blackfire Bight, taken by Ingdrin Jonsson.[1a]


Toba Lorchai is one of many ports of it's ilk scattered across the Mortal Realms. Frontier ports that are allowed a large amount of autonomy and independence from the larger skyports that founded them. In the case of Toba Lorchai it is given full autonomy in all things except for trade, which is administered and taxed by the admiralty of Barak-Thryng.[1a]


  • The Lower City: The lower wards of the city. Comprised mostly of timber buildings and tenements, that are precariously built atop black hills and one another. Much of the lower city ekes out a rough existence in the shadow, literally as many wards are built beneath the stone edifice, of the skyport. The lower city is far from affluent and much of it is covered in the detritus that comes from thousands of living, breathing mortals living in the same cramped space. It is packed with bawdy houses, excise forts, markets, and smithies.[1a]
    • The Greys: One of the deepest wards of the city, built around the supporting columns of the skyport. It is considered one of the most lawless districts of the city and happens to be one of the darkest.[1a]
  • Stairgates and Customs Forts: These structures separate the lower city from the skydock and likely serve as one of many ways that Barak-Thryng regulates trade and traffic.[1a]
  • Skyport: Rising above the rest of the city, quite literally, is the stone edifice of the skyport. Here magnates and lords of industry from all manner of races mingle with armored ship captains, equerries, and viziers. It is the bustling, economic heart of the city. Within it are many high-end Duardin restaurants, plazas, and great concourses.[1a]
    • Endrinmaster's Guidlhall: This building serves as a guildhall for Endrinmasters, as well as a bank. A scale replica of the Thallazorn, a Barak-Thryng ironclad, sits atop a fountain on the grounds of the guildhall. Metal benches surround the fountain and many of the guild's members choose to take their luncheon around it, watching as water spews from the gun turrets of the model ironclad.[1a]
    • Grundstod Gate[1a]
    • The Docks: The very soul and purpose of the city lay within the granite edifice that is the docks. This is where the skyvessels of the Kharadron dock, where they load and unload their cargo, where much of the trade in the city begins and ends.[1a]


As it is the center of Barak-Thryng's operations in the Blackfire Bight the city has grown large and populous. The vast majority of menial labor in the city is carried out by Humans, which the city has a sizable population of, and there are many Duardin oath-soldiers, craftsmen, and traders in the city as well.[1a]

In addition the city profits from it's relationship with tribes of nomadic Orruks who trade meats and bones to the city, as well as bring in loot from their wars in the lands of Skulldrake, Wither, and Deathrattle Point. The brutal and warlike nature of the Orruks also serves as a benefit to the city, as Toba Lorchai has no shortage of foes.[1a]



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