Tide of Souls

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Tide of Souls

The Tide of Souls is a predatory endless spell drawn from the eldritch power of the Ethersea, which creates a monstrous wave to crash over the enemies of the caster and sweeping their souls into the abyss. The eldritch might of this spell forces a creature's soul from its body, washing it away to be conveniently snared by Isharann Soulrenders.[1]


This endless spell is conjured by the power held within the Lore of the Deeps and the Ethersea. [1]


The spell conjures an enormous tidal wave that crashes over the living and tears their souls from their bodies. While one's soul is trapped within the tide, it is possible to return their soul to their body through sheer willpower, although their bodies will begin dying the moment their souls are ripped from their bodies. In general, the tide will move towards where the most souls can be found.[1]


The Tide's hunger for souls is its own weakness. While trapped within the tide, a soul can channel magical energy to break the spell from within.[1]