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Thyria and Verdia shortly after the Realmgate Wars

Thyria, one of the main jade kingdoms in the Everspring Swathe, connected to the lands of Verdia via the Triske Isles.

The Twin Kingdoms

The Twin Jade Kingdoms of Thyria and Verdia have a strange relation. Every plant and animal life in Verdia are female, while those in Thyria are male. During the passing of seasons, the wildlife of these two lands travel across the Triske Isles to mate and to hunt. In their wake, Hunters often follow these trails of beasts. Alarielle tolerates those that pay tribute to nature. But those that waste life are taken away by her Sylvaneth.[2a]

Not only the animals of these lands mate. The two lands themselves mate and birth new continents. The twin lands of Neos and Decrepita as well as the land of Invidia formed from the union of Thyria and Verdia in the Age of Myth.[1b]


Age of Myth

  • Born from the union of Thyria and Verdia, Alarielle seeds the newborn lands of Neos and Decrepita with Sylvaneth Soulpods. Soon the lands are inhabited by joyful Oakenbrow in Neos, and bitter Dreadwood in Decrepita. A small rivalry between the different lands quickly arose, but turned sour and into bitter hate not long after, as only a few children are born each year in cold Decrepita, the people of the land turned to Neos to steal children and Soulpods for themselves.[1b]
  • The Idoneth Queen Gwyth Banríoc of Dhom-hain raids the coast of the Tendril Sea and the Sylvaneth living there. In a deceisive battle, the Queen is slain by Alarielle herself. Her relic Bánmhar, the white blade, was lost that day. Many expeditions have been sent to reclaim this blade, but none were succesful so far. [13a]

Age of Chaos

The Plaguespire a Nurgle Stronghold in Thyria

Age of Myth


Forces of Order defending the Living City



Nearby Islands

Seas and Bays