Thyador Durenstein

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Thyador Durenstein is an Abhorrant Archregent that rules Metallurgica in the Realm of Chamon. [1]


Age of Myth

King Thyador took the throne of Metallurgica near the end of the Age of Myth as the forces of Order were falling apart and Sigmar was retreating to the Realm of Azyr. Unwilling to abandon his empire and the incredible artefacts it houses, Thyador decided to stand and fight, relying ono his formidable armies, powerful arcane machines and court sorcerers to defend his lands. [1a].

Age of Chaos

For several years in the Age of Chaos, they held fast, defeating all the forces of Chaos that breached the twin Realmgates in the empire and purging cults of Tzeentch but all hope of escape is now gone as the last gates to Azyr are sealed. [1b].

Nagash invades with his own armies, looking to claim the artifice-engines for himself and the War of the Risen Dead begins. Thyador leads his armies to victory time and again, defeating such powerful enemies as Mortallacht the Wight Lord but the dead are seemingly endless and the empire is slowly devoured. [1b]. As his capital, Durenberg is attacked, he uses the Mirror of Distant Things sending his nephew to steal a Book of Nagash. [1a].

As he prepares to throw it into the Reality Forge of his Arcasanctum, an avatar of the Great Necromancer appears [1b], retrieves the stolen book and with a touch gives the king the dreaded Boon of Ushoran, making him into an Abhorrant Archregent and condemning his people to become part of the Flesh-eater Courts.[1a] he and his people descend into madness, but the victory of the dead is shattered as a vast Bloodbound horde arrives to shatter the legions of the dead before rampaging onwards. [1b]

Thyador continues to reign in the hell that Nagash has created, in his mind he believes that he and his people have defeated the armies of the dead himself through courage and loyalty. When in reality they've been transformed into cannibalistic ghouls.[1b]


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