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Thurn is one of the nomadic nations of the Felstone Plains, ruled over by the Slaaneshi warlord known as Havocwild, the Headsman of Thurn and Lord of Six Pavilions.[1a]


Under the leadership of Havocwild Thurn has left a path of destruction extending from the Riven Depths to the Crackling Coast.[2a]


Thurn is comprised of many scented pavilions, within which reside both mortal and daemonic warriors dedicated to Slaanesh, as well as the slaves that serve them. Many excesses and luxuries are partaken in by the peoples of Thurn.[1a]


  • Pavilion of Roses: This silken pavilion serves as the residence of Havocwild, the Headsman of Thurn. Within it are rugs made of magmadroth-hide, thick cushions, and other signs of opulence.[1a]