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The Thungur lodge emblem

The Thungur Lodge is a Fyreslayer Lodge who reside in the Realm of Hysh.[1a] They rule over their domain from the glimmering peaks of the Lunarest mountains in Ymetrica.[1a][2a]


The Thungur Lodge has a long history of conflicts with its Lumineth neighbors. Fighting many wars for the control over land and resources.[1a][2a]


The Fyreslayers of Thungur have many strange customs. They are know for wielding shimmering blades, carved directly from the shinning crystals of Hysh, these blades are seen as artefacts in their own right.[1b][1c]. Their armor smiths also often accentuate their equipment with crushed Aetherquartz crystals, giving them a slight pink hue.[2a]

Stranger yet, is their treatment of Ur-Gold. With giant lenses, they capture the light of Hyshs many ethereal moons. Thungur Priests then use this light to melt their pieces of Ur-Gold and form it into shape. As a result, the Ur-Gold takes on a pale shade. This process also leaves behind a shimmering, golden powder.[2a] The warriors of the lodge often coat themselves in this powder and in the midst of battle Runesmiters can ignite it.[1a]

This treatment of Ur-Gold has not been shared with the other Lodges, as it would inevitably spark a schism, or even outright conflict, between the Fyreslayer Lodges. The Thungur Zharrgrim debate this process at length, as they ponder if the true essence of Grimnir lies within the gold or the pale light left within the runes. Whichever is true, the Zharrgrim of the Thungur Lodge believe that it is a sign Grimnir guides them directly.[2a]

They are also known to use Hyshian crystal when forging their fyresteel weapons, giving it a unique look.[1b][1c]


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