Thundrik's Profiteers

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Thundrik's Profiteers 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Order
Faction Kharadron Overlords
Sub-Faction Barak-Nar
Leader Bjorgen Thundrik
Members Khazgan Drakkskewer
Dead-Eye Lund
Enrik Ironhail
Garodd Alensen

The Thundrik's Profiteers are a Kharadron Overlords warband, led by Bjorgen Thundrik. They are skyfarers armed with aethermatic weapons. This crew of skyfarers were not the first among the Kharadron Overlords to search the Shadespire, tempted by the rumours of the treasures of the Katophranes that had reached the Sky-ports. Many sent expeditions to the ruins but returned empty-handed or did not return at all, so Thundrik and his hardy crew set on a magnificent skyvessel to succeed where others failed.[1][3] They are driven by constant competition and will do everything in their power to secure a valuable haul, using volleys of aethershot to stop any who would try to take their wealth.[2][3]



Tempted by rumours of treasure, Bjorgen Thundrik led his warband into the ruined city of Shadespire, eventually falling into the cursed Mirrored City. The Profiteers initially participated in the long-running game of collecting shard of the Faneway Mirror, but eventually deduced that the Katophranes were incapable of repairing the device. During this time, Thundrik had died no less than eight times. The warband eventually stumbled upon a spatial anomaly, a tear upon reality. The warband decided to venture forth into it, which turned out to be a link between Shadespire and the Beastgrave.[6]


The warband arrived intact within the living mountain of Beastgrave. Being duardin, they could get a sense of which passageways led out and immediately escaped the mountain to find themselves outside halfway up the mountain looking upon the landscape of Ghur. However, they understood that should they decide to simply leave, they would be doomed a life of poverty, while [[Thundrik could sense that the mountain harbored riches. Thus, the warband decided to venture back into Beastgrave following the scent of aethergold. They eventually did find a massive cache of aethergold ingots within a shattered pocket of amber, enough that they would surely reach the highest levels of power within Kharadron society should they manage to recover it. However, their celebration is interrupted by the arrival of the Moonclan warband Zarbag's Gitz and in the ensuing fight, all save Thundrik perished. Mourning the loss of his comrades, Thundrik was further bewildered to find that the cache of aethergold had disappeared, save for a single ingot seemingly left by the mountain as a painful memento. However, his warband quickly revived, indicating that the group may have escaped the Mirrored City, but not the Katophrane Curse. The passage which the Profiteers first came from was found to have been sealed with amber, and all new passages now only led down deeper into the mountain.[6]


Bjorgen Thundrik

Main article: Bjorgen Thundrik

The dauntless leader of a band of profiteers, Aether-Khemist Bjorgen Thundrik has developed quite the reputation in Barak-Nar for being able to sniff out fresh seams of aethergold, and for being utterly tenacious in his pursuit of riches. He is armed with an Atmospheric Atomiser with which he can augment the weapons of his nearby skyfarers or create a vaccuum around himself to suffocate his foes.[5]

Khazgan Drakkskewer

Main article: Khazgan Drakkskewer

Khazgan Drakkskewer is an Endrinrigger armed with a Vulcaniser Pistol and a Skyspike.[2]

Dead-Eye Lund

Main article: Dead-Eye Lund

Dead-Eye Lund is an Arkanaut armed with an Aethershot Rifle.[2] Decades of booming combat have rendered Lund extremely hard of hearing, yet his vision and aim are as sharp as a freshly honed blade.[4]

Enrik Ironhail

Main article: Enrik Ironhail

Enrik Ironhail is an Arkanaut armed with an Aethermatic Volley Gun.[2] A veteran in his Arkanaut Company,[Enrik lets the more spry skyfarers lead the charge while he peppers the enemy from afar.[4]

Garodd Alensen

Main article: Garodd Alensen

Garodd Alensen is an Arkanaut armed with an Vulcaniser Pistol and Skypike.[2] For a duardin, Garodd is rather impetuous, striding forward to tackle much larger and tougher foes in the hopes of obtaining a swift promotion.[4]



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