Thunderstrike & Other Stories

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Thunderstrike & Other Stories
Thunderstrike & Other Stories Cover.jpg
Author(s) Various
Released July 31, 2021
Pages 521

Thunderstrike & Other Stories is an anthology of the following stories set in the Mortal Realms.[1]

Description (of novella)

Within this book, you'll find Thunderstrike, a fantastic novella by Richard Strachan...[1]

The city of Excelsis is in mourning. Thousands were slain in the great greenskin siege, the streets of a proud civilisation reduced to bloodied pits. The sheer might of Sigmar’s allies may have won the battle, but the war between Order and Destruction is far from over, and out in the Ghurish wildlands a new evil lurks.[1]

When Freeguild captain Holger Beck and his regiment are ambushed on patrol, there is no time to fathom the cunning intellect of their foe – all they learn is terror. Broken and beaten, Beck latches on to a retinue of Thunderstrike Stormcasts led by Knight-Relictor Actinus, a formidable warrior under whose intrepid shadow Beck falls. Together, mortal soldier and divine warrior must strike forth into the dark heart of Ghur to destroy their enemy, before it takes advantage of the weakened city. But their trials have only just begun, and when even the indomitable Thunderstrike’s mettle is tested, what chance is there for a human soul to claw at victory?[1]