Thunderscorn Peaks

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The Thunderscorn Peaks

The Thunderscorn Peaks are a mountain range in Thondia, just north of the Free City of Izalend. It was once home to clans of Dragon Ogors and their Shaggoth leaders.[2a]


Age of Myth

During the Age of Myth, the Thunderscorm first rose in Azyr, but Sigmar drove them from the heavens. In bitter revenge they took various high mountain ranges in the other Mortal Realms as their own. They claimed dominance over all of Thondia, which did not sit well with the Draconith, nor the Drogrukh, Kragnos’ people. The two species joined forces during the War of Thirteen Peaks, slaying many Shaggoths, the gigantic elders of the Thunderscorn, and utterly broke their empire.[3a] With the power of the Thunderscorn broken, the two races went their separate ways until Kragnos turned upon his former Draconith allies.[2a]

Era of the Beast

During the Era of the Beast, this mountain range has become the centre of a raging war once more. Multiple Stormhosts fight here against many Orruk Warclans, for it is the will of Sigmar that the mountains be claimed. The battles here are grinding ones, fought through deep mountain valleys and across the summits. The range is filled with predators, with hungry Mawkrushas common.[3a]

Thunderscorn Presence

The mountains are continually wreathed in lightning storms, for the Thunderscorn are here still, if greatly reduced in number. They have no great love for Orruks, but their hatred of Sigmar has never ebbed, so they occasionally assist the Orruks in their battles for spite alone. Dark rumours swirl that the Thunderscorn have learned how to catch and consume the lightning spirits of fallen Stormcast before they can return to Azyr.[3a]