Thrice Lucky

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Thrice Lucky is a wolf-ship and the flagship of Arika Zenthe‎ a Fleetmaster of the Scourge Privateers. [1b]


Like the rest of her fleet it is festooned with trophies ripped and torn from sea monsters found in the waters of the Coast of Tusks and beyond. [1a] She is a sleek, three masted black coloured ship about two hundred paces in length, its hull low to the water and built for speed and agility. Her woodwork is kept smooth and highly polished, free from infestation by such pests as rootworm. [2a] Her sails are black and yellow in colour but she also carries dull grey ones in case some degree of discretion is required. [2e]


The ship is well armed with 10 heavy ballistae on each flank, mounted on rails so they could be moved easily up to the firing ports. [2a] The great black iron spears are often coated in powerful poison such as althasca venom against the larger creatures of the oceans that she hunts. [2c]


The 120 aelf crew [2d] sleep in spidersilk hammocks, large pale spiders being kept aboard to mend and weave new ones as required. [2a]

Arika's Cabin is large but cluttered, packed with trophies, mementos and trinkets including a hanging globe of turquoise that holds a irate cephalopod captive. Amongst the piles of books and scattered trinkets at least one golden scarab automaton scuttles.[2b]


Her renowned captain was enlisted by Hanniver Toll to pursue Ortam Vermyre and in the process the ship was badly damaged hunting and killing a gigantic ghyreshark substantially larger than the ship itself.[2c] The ship and all aboard then barely survived an encounter with a Blood Kraken worshipping pirate fleet and the storm they fled into to escape and destroy them. The Thrice Lucky managed to limp into the infamous port of Bilgeport. [2d]


Black-oak hull from the Septillion Forest, can stop a duardin cannon from a dozen paces. Two-score Azyr-forged grand arbalests, strong enough to punch through an Ur-Kraken's hide. She's fast as a zephyr and will kill you with a look.

~Arika Zenthe.[2a]