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Threx Skullbrand was a Vancian warlord of the Skullbrands tribe who became a Bloodsecrator of the Goretide that fought against Sigmar's first incursion in the Realm of Fire. He carries Khorne's Portal of Skulls into battle.[1][2][4]


Age of Myth

Threx was born the son of the Ashen King of the Skullbrands tribe. The tribe had been weakened by their wars with the nearby tribes and the spread of the worship of Sigmar.[4a]

Threx and his friends thought that the Skullbrands needed to return to their old ways and set out to raid the Korchians another tribe for a slight committed by their chieftain. When he returned successful the Ashen King punished him for leaving the Skullbrands undefended by forcing Threx to do guard work.[4a]

Threx didn't take kindly to this and in the middle of the night snuck into his father's throne room. There he discovered the source of the Ashen King's power, a magic flame known as Pyre, had died and his father was using a trick to keep it going. Enraged by his father's trickery and weakness he threw his father into the pit where the Pyre had burned. This caused the Pyre to set alight again, killing his father.[4b][4c]

Threx declared himself the new Ashen King with the support of the Keeper of the Pyre and his friends. His mother, Soreas, a Sigmarite priest, tried to stop him and in turn he cast her out. Soreas then brought together many of the nearby tribes and surrounded the Asha Vale where the Skullbrands lived. To prevent his tribe's imminent defeat Threx called for a Red Feast held on the Aqshy Clavis Isles.[4c][4d][4e]

Age of Chaos

Threx sought to use the Red Feast to gather allies and initially found only two: the champion Korghos Khul and Lakshar Bloodspeaker. He hosted them in a dedication ritual with sixteen other champions held around flaming coals of The Pyre. Korghos turned Threx and a few other champions towards the worship of Khorne and slew those who didn't join.[4g][4h][4i]

Threx then realized that he was meant to be a follower of Korghos and quickly patched a banner for him from the bodies of the slain.[4j]

While Korghos declared a series of duels that would result in the opening of a secreted realmgate that summoned daemonic legions, bringing the Age of Chaos to the Great Parch. Threx focused on providing skulls to the Pyre and preventing word of what was happening from reaching the mainland.[3a][4j][4k]


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