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Thorgar-Grimnir was the last Runefather the Vosforge, the largest of the first-forged magmaholds.[1][2a]


Thorgar-Grimnir is known to have collected more Ur-Gold than any other Runefather during the Age of Chaos, and even well into the Age of Sigmar only one Runefather has come close to surpassing his record, his own descendant Bael-Grimnir.[1][2a]

He successfully broke a Chaos siege on the Vosforge and even slew the Bloodthirster that commanded the opposing army, but would later succumb to his wounds and die, without choosing an heir.[1][2a]

All twelve of his sons saw themselves as his heir and a civil war nearly broke out between them, even as the Chaos army their father had routed began to reform for another assault. To save the Vostarg from doom, the Runemaster of the Vosforge divided the hold's ur-gold between all twelve sons.[2a]


All twelve of Thorgar-Grimnir's sons sought to claim the throne, nearly resulting in a civil war, even as the forces of Chaos gathered outside the hold. To prevent disaster the Runemaster of Vosforge convinced them to split the hoard and go their own ways with the eldest holding the Vosforge. Some founded lodges, including Baeldrag, whilst others became Doomseekers.[1][2a]

  • Bromhulf: The eldest who remained at the Vosforge and died in the final siege.[1]
  • Darz: The youngest son of which little is known but may have worshipped the Father of Darkness. [1]
  • Zhafor-Grimnir: The founder of the current iteration of the Vostarg Lodge. [1]


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