Thirteenth Blade

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The Thirteenth Blade is a slinktalon of Clan Stryk of the Clans Eshin [1a]


The Blade is led by Deathmaster Thwik.[1a]


Each of its members must be able to brew a unique poison, proving its lethality to gain a place in their ranks.[1b]



The slinktalon was part of the swarm that overthrew Mausol, the city of bone built by the soulblight vampire Zhlatomir the Unholy. Clawlord Retchtooth had hired the Thirteenth Blade to shadow and assassinate Lord Hakkrit of Clans Verminus Clan Fang to gain favour with Grey Seer Skitterik. However, Hakkrit in turn paid Thwik more to turn on Retchtooth. [1b]


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