Thieves' Paradise (novella)

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Thieves' Paradise
Thieves' Paradise cover.jpg
Author(s) Nick Horth
Cover Artist Alexander Mokhov
Released 2019

Thieves' Paradise is a novella by Nick Horth. It describes the continuing adventures of Shevanya Arclis as she travels to the Latchkey Isle. [1]


This page contains spoilers for: Thieves' Paradise (novella)

Following the destruction of the mansion of Phylebius Crade Shevanya has been imprisoned in the Black Pit of Lethis. She is released by the Witch Hunter Ammos Varon who needs her to help him acquire an artefact hidden in the Stormvault on the Latchkey Isle, the fabled afterlife for thieves and rogues. They are aided and thwarted in turn by the ghosts of ancient thieves, a member of the Ironweld Arsenal, insane Skaven and Black Disciples of Arkhan the Black. [1]


Thieves' Paradise is Book 8 in Novella Series 2.