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Theuderis Silverhand is a Stormcast Eternal, Lord-Celestant of the Silverhands, Warrior Chamber of the Knights Excelsior Stormhost.[1] Theuderis was accompanied by a red-scaled Dracoth female named Tyrathrax whom he met on the Trail of Starwalking in the Realm of Heavens and with whom he has traveled together ever since. Tyrathrax died during the final battle for a Realmgate in Ursungorod.[1]



As mortal, Theuderis was called Theuderic and rode a Hippadon named Sasyran. During his lifetime, he was Duke of the Glittering Breaches in the Realm of Metal and he resided in Lyonaster Castle a stronghold in the heart of the Glittering Breaches. During his reign, Theuderic was able to unite the dukes and princes of the area thus founding the Reforged Kingdoms. For this reason Theuderic also became known as Forgelord. However, before he could savor the fruits of his triumph, reign in peace, and care for his family (two daughters and a pregnant wife), Sigmar ascended him to Azyr with a lightning strike.[1]

Stormcast Eternal

After being reforged by Sigmar Theuderis led his Warrior Chamber, known as the Silverhands, to Ursungorod, a region in the Realm of Beasts. There he managed to capture a Realmgate below Mount Vazdir. In this endeavor he was supported by Arkas Warbeast and his Warbeasts.[1] Sigmar's plan for both Chambers included having the smaller army of Warbeasts lure the enemy out as bait while the much larger force of Silverhands then counterattacks. The Silverhands were about ten times as many as the Warbeasts.[1b]

During the campaign, Theuderis and the Silverhands struggled with the animalistic power of Ghur which they were not accustomed to. Several times they were caught off guard by rock formations that appeared to them as wolves, cats, or dogs and strong earthquakes. During a landslide the Silverhands lost about a third of their manpower - of the Paladin Conclave even half.[1a]

Theuderis and Arkas finally met in a canyon called The Teeth of the Bear. Arkas was fighting an enormous force of Chaos when Theuderis arrived and wore down the opponents with his strength in numbers. After the Chaos warriors were finished off, a conflict arose between Arkas and Theuderis over the last survivors of Ursungorod. While Arkas wanted to protect them, Katiya, the female leader of the survivors, and Theuderis preferred to let them join the fight. This conflict illustrates the difference between the two Lord-Celestant: where Arkas is mostly guided by his feelings, Theuderis approaches questions rather rationally. He argued that the surviving natives should be allowed to fight because they would not survive the war for Ursungorod anyway - if only because it would most likely outlast the natural lifespan of the humans. The decision was taken from them, however, when the City of Ice, a labyrinth of corridors carved into the ice to which the Urongorodians had retreated to, was attacked by swarms of giant rats that killed many of the inhabitants and was only fought off with difficulty by the Stormcasts. Afterwards, Arkas came to his senses and offered Theuderis that he, Theuderis, may lead the project as general from now on. In the course of the following raid into the hotbed of Skaven of the Clans Pestilens, Theuderis was overcome by a swarm of Plague Monks in the ruins of the city of Kurzengor and fell.[1]

After being reforged once more, Theuderis managed to destroy the Verminlord Skikaxoth who lead the Skaven, by ramming his rune blade into the eye slits of the demon’s helmet. In the process, however, the Dracoth Tyrathrax was killed by the demon's spear. As he looked at his fallen mount, his emotional indifference made Theuderis reflect on how the last reforging had changed him.[1c]


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