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Thellembhol was a Treelord that protected the Realm of Ghyran during Realmgate Wars. He is known as the Bereaved after losing his twin brother Lorhaldh in battle against Pestilens Skaven.[1]


He was once supple as a willow and content to go with the prevailing wind. With the coming of Chaos he became sharp and deadly as he cannot bear to see his native forests or Alarielle distraught at the state of her own realm, both caused by Nurgle. He is constantly fighting a corruption of the soul that brings only apathy and despair. Since his brother was slain his rage has been incandescent taking every oppurtunity he could to destroy Chaos.[1]


During the Realmgate Wars he left Alarielle's side to destroy the ones invading their realm, and joined forces with the Lady of Vines to do so. During a battle with a Clan Pestilens his twin brother Lorhaldh was slain by the Skaven poisons.[1]


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