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Theadicles is a living statue that with his sister Mysanta safeguards the Latchkey Isle on behalf of the Prince of Cats. [1a]

His sister believes that the Prince is dead, but he contests this, however their powers as guardians are declining as memory of the Isle fades and Nagash seeks to bring the Underworld under his full control. [1]


He is created to resemble a Cacosphinx of the Realm of Hysh, carved from smooth black stone, his lower half is that of a huge feline with his head that of a noble king including a magnificent beard. His eyes are sparkling sapphires. [1a]


They met the explorer Shevanya Arclis and her companions, seeing that she was favoured by Prince of Cats and assisting her during her time on the Isle. She also led them to the secret lair of the Skaven Pitrikk of the Clans Skryre which they had been unaware of. [1]


Very intriguing. Ah yes, the Prince of Cats has favoured her. Such potential. Mayhap we have misjudged this merry band, dear sister.

~ Theadicles.[1a]

Oh, don't woryy. The fall won't kill you. It might chafe a little, but you'll be fine. All part of the game. Don't take this personally, my dear, but we have suffered gravely from trespassers before. We would be rather foolish to trust you out of hand, no? The Isle will judge you. And we shall watch.

~ Mysanta.[1a]