The Warden in the Mountain (short story)

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The Warden in the Mountain
The Warden in the Mountain cover 01.jpg
Author(s) Eric Gregory
Released September 2019

The Warden in the Mountain is a short story by Eric Gregory about the Beastgrave.[1]


In the Realm of Beasts, the Wardens-in-the-wild patrol the dark places of the realm, battling the hungry monsters of Ghur and keeping the land safe for civilised folk. Greatwarden Tythrae is one such hero, and to her falls the task of taking aspirants on their final test before they join this exalted band. Together, she and her wards climb the great mountain known as the Allpeak. There they will face a challenge that will push them to their limits, and beyond, testing them body and soul. For the mountain lives and is more than just a piece of the landscape. It is a slumbering god, a place of majesty and horror. It is the Beastgrave.