The Siege of Greenspire (short story)

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The Siege of Greenspire
The Siege of Greenspire Cover.jpg
Author(s) Anna Stephens
Released March 30, 2020
Pages 32
Preceded by River of Death

The Siege of Greenspire (short story) is a short story by Anna Stephens.[1]


In the Realm of Ghyran, the Emerald Line is a vital bulwark against the dread forces of Chaos. Stretching from the city of Hammerhal Ghyra to distant Fort Gardus, this defensive line is studded with watchtowers where garrisons of brave Freeguild soldiers hold the line. One such tower is Greenspire, commanded by Captain Brida Devholm. Newly reinforced by inexperienced troops, Devholm must defend her post against waves of Tzaangors and vile Chaos beasts – and if that wasn't threat enough, she must root out an agent of the Dark Gods set on sabotaging the outpost's artillery. If she fails, Greenspire will fall – and the entire Emerald Line could be imperilled.[1]


This story was printed in the following anthologies: