The Serpent's Bargain (short story)

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The Serpent's Bargain
The Serpents Bargain cover.jpg
Author(s) Jamie Crisalli
Released 2019

The Serpent's Bargain (short story) is a short story by Jamie Crisalli . [1]


This page contains spoilers for: The Serpent's Bargain (short story)

In the Age of Sigmar the village of Varna in the Realm of Ghyran is repeatedly attacked by followers of Slaanesh and Nurgle. Disagreeing with her elders, one of the villagers Laila travels to the Valley of the Oracle's Eye to seek aid from the legendary Fair Ones - enemies of Chaos [1]


It is done. You will have our blades, our magic and above all our hate. All is yours for blood yet spilled.



This story was printed in the following anthologies: