The Sea Taketh (short story)

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The Sea Taketh
The Sea Taketh cover.jpg
Author(s) David Guymer
Released 2018
Pages 47
ISBN 978-1-78030-958-3

The Sea Taketh (short story) is a short story by David Guymer. It follows the arkanaut Ingdrin Jonsson as he tries collect great treasure from the sea but is surprised to learn of the value Idoneth Deepkin place in some of the objects he has stolen.

Cover Description

Ingdrin Jonsson, arkanaut of the Kharadron Overlords, swaps his sky-ship for an ocean-going vessel as he joins the fisherfolk of the Blackfire Bight for an expedition. With his arkanaut suit adapted to help him survive the crushing pressure of the ocean depths, he delves into the darkness in search of a great treasure. But when he disturbs something ancient and deadly, he brings danger not only to himself, but to the humans who aid him. For the Idoneth Deepkin are rising, and they hunger for souls…[1]


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