The Sands of Grief (short story)

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The Sands Of Grief
The Sands of Grief cover.jpg
Author(s) Guy Haley
Released April 2018

The Sands of Grief is a short story by Guy Haley.

Cover Description

Prince Maesa, an aelven wanderer, has but one goal – to reclaim his lost love from the grip of death. And he will use any means to achieve it. Aided by his faithful (if not particularly enthusiastic) spite Shattercap, Maesa commissions magical artefacts from the greatest artisans of Glymmsforge, a city in the Realm of Death. And with these arcane devices, he plans to explore the mystical – and dangerous – Sands of Grief, where the first step of his quest can be completed. But the servants of Nagash await him – as does madness and damnation if he should fail…[1]


This story was printed in the following anthologies: