The Red Hours (novella)

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The Red Hours
The Red Hours cover.jpg
Author(s) Evan Dicken
Cover Artist Akim Kaliberda
Released November 2018
Pages 133
ISBN 13: 978 1 78496 796 3

The Red Hours is a novella by Evan Dicken. It describes what happens to a disparate group of exiles and prisoners relegated to guarding a once great fortress. [1]

Cover Description

At the bleeding edge of Chamon sits a lone outpost: The Grave of Heroes. Once a great fortress, it’s now no more than a thinly disguised prison for soldiers the armies of Sigmar would rather forget. Into this oubliette comes Byrun Hess, disgraced Captain of the Sigmarite forces, who finds himself buried in a dead-end posting with a tiny garrison, ranging from the undisciplined to the almost heretical. While Hess attempts to instill some measure of discipline, one of Chamon’s brutal shardstorms quickly shifts his priorities to simple survival. Things go from bad to worse when the garrison’s Warden is viciously murdered in a bloody scene that shows signs of dark sorcery, and tempers flare as the survivors accuse each other of the crime. Not sure who to trust, Hess' disquiet is compounded by the chilling discovery of a newly exposed ancient vault in the mountainside that once confined a terrifying supernatural force – the likes of which these mortals have never seen before.[2]


This page contains spoilers for: The Red Hours (short story)

In the Realm of Chamon a once mighty fortress, the Grave of Heroes is guarded by a small group of exiles. A new captain, himself disgraced arrives at the outpost and attempts to take control but events quickly spiral out of his control as the secret that the fortress guards is uncovered.[1]