The Realmgate Wars: War Storm (novel)

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War Storm
War Storm Audio Cover.jpg
Author(s) Nick Kyme, Guy Haley, Josh Reynolds
Released January 2015
Pages 320
Preceded by The Gates of Azyr
Followed by Ghal Maraz (novel)

War Storm is an Age of Sigmar novel and first in the The Realmgate Wars series.[1] It consists of three novels itself: Borne by the Storm (novella) by Nick Kyme, Storm of Blades (novella) by Guy Haley, and The Gates of Dawn (novella) by Josh Reynolds.[2]


Across the Mortal Realms, a storm rages. Sigmar announces his return as his Stormcast Eternals strike a vengeful blow against the hordes of Chaos. Lord-Celestant Vandus Hammerhand has claimed one of the Gates of Azyr and he now makes for the dreaded Gate of Wrath in the fire-blackened Brimstone Peninsula of Aqshy, and a reckoning with the Chaos Lord Korghos Khul. His fellow Lord-Celestants fight just as hard to break the dominion of Chaos; the Stormhosts' grand crusade brings war to the Ghyrtract Fen, where Gardus of the Hallowed Knights strives to take back the Gates of Dawn. Meanwhile, in the mystical Hanging Valleys of Anvrok, Thostos Bladestorm leads his men against a towering fortress which conceals a prize beyond measure.[1]