The Realmgate Wars: Godbeasts

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Godbeasts Cover.jpg
Released April 2016
Pages 288
Preceded by Balance of Power
Followed by All-Gates

The Realmgate Wars: Godbeasts is a campaign supplement for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. It is the third campaign book of The Realmgate Wars series.


The Realmgate Wars continue as Archaon attempts to capture some of the great zodiacal creatures that make the Mortal Realms their home. Can Sigmar's Stormcast Eternals and their allies prevent the forces of Chaos from getting their hands on the mighty Godbeasts?

The opening salvos of the Realmgate Wars are complete. Cities have been rescued, Realmgates liberated and civilisations wrested from the iron grip of the Ruinous Powers. But this was merely the start: Chaos is hardy indeed, and regrouped in hordes to wage terrible war against Order. The struggle continues in The Realmgate Wars: Godbeasts...

Unimaginably vast zodiacal creatures dwell within the Mortal Realms, and to harness their might would be to secure absolute, unmatchable supremacy. Archaon, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse seeks to awaken and gain control over Behemat, the world titan, making him a puppet of Chaos and spelling doom for all. A massive struggle for power has sparked all across the Mortal Realms - war is everywhere, every army is massed and every battleground is slick with blood. Can the Stormcast Eternals and their allies turn back the hordes and ensure Behemat remains in his slumber?


  • Four new Time of War rules, for use by everyone playing Warhammer Age of Sigmar, that include new game effects, new spells and a new triumph table - this is how this game is meant to be played;
  • Thirteen new Battleplans - scenarios from the story that any army can use, introducing awesome new rules, objectives, and making three-and-four player games possible;
  • Twelve Warscroll Battalions - powerful formations with their own rules, for a number of different armies;
  • Stage-by-stage painting guides for the factions represented in the book - get your miniatures looking as they do in the story!
  • Stunning showcases of Citadel miniatures;
  • A story of truly staggering scope - no previous experience of the Realmgate Wars necessary, just sit back and be blown away as the Mortal Realms are subsumed by total war before your very eyes!


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