The Realmgate Wars: Fury of Gork (novel)

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Fury of Gork
Fury of Gork Cover.jpg
Author(s) Josh Reynolds
Cover Artist Diana Martinez
Released 2016
ISBN 978-1-78572-071-0
Preceded by Warbeast
Followed by Bladestorm

Fury of Gork is a novel by Josh Reynolds. It is part of the Realmgate Wars series of books. It was originally published in the UK in 2016 by Black Library.


This page contains spoilers for: The Realmgate Wars: Fury of Gork (novel)

The story begins at a gathering of the warriors of the bloodbound champion Goreshroud in The Gargant’s Graveyard where his Shaman, Zazul of the Radiant Veil tells the tale of the forging of the Eight Lamentations and that Marrowcutter waits at the heart of the Howling Labyrinth for a worthy claimant.

At the end of story, Zazul unleashes the Ninety-Nine Feathers upon the horde. Sharizad, the Shimmering Countess then arrives to kill Goreshroud and confirm her intentions to claim Marrowcutter, but others are seeking the mythical blade as well. Zazul confirms that he will aid the countess.

Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork is also in the vast graveyard and is confronted by another champion of Khorne who he dispatches with ease. He is heading to the aptly named Big Skull, the largest bone in the boneyard – a good place he feels for a jaw-fort.

He is warned by his shaman, Jabberjaw that Stormcast Eternals are coming which cheers the megaboss up with the prospect of a good fight. Jabberjaw is however none other than Zazul and he is steering the Orruks away from the Labyrinth

Lord-Celestant Zephacleas and his Astral Templars Beast Bane Warrior Chamber arrive and are attacked by the Orruks, in the initial conflict he slays Drokka, one of Gordrakk’s megabosses. Zephacleas is also accompanied by remnants of an Iron-sides warrior chamber.

The forces converge on the Howling Labyrinth atop Big Skull.


In the novel, Gordrakk’s Maw-Krusha mount is Chompa – in the Ironjawz Battletome it is Bigteef.