The Neverspike (short story)

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The Neverspike
The Neverspike cover 01.jpg
Author(s) Darius Hinks
Released 2019
Preceded by The Bone Desert
Followed by Ghoulslayer

The Neverspike is a short story by Darius Hinks.[1]


Trachos, a Lord-Ordinator of the Celestial Vindicators, journeys back to his brethren, tortured by the horrors he has experienced in the underworlds of Shyish – and by his own failings. A voice in his head berates him... and he's sure it's not his own. A chance encounter with fellow travellers – an aelf agent of the Order of the Azyr, and a strange duardin who calls himself Gotrek – give Trachos new purpose – and a chance to gain what he seeks. As he leads the pair to the sinister Neverspike, he plans to be rid of them. But around such a being as Gotrek Gurnisson, plans have a habit of going wrong...[1]