The Measure of Iron (novella)

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The Measure of Iron
The Measure of Iron cover 001.jpg
Author(s) Jamie Crisalli
Cover Artist Stepan Alekseev
Released 2019
Pages 128
ISBN 13: 978 1 78999 015 7

The Measure of Iron is a novella by Jamie Crisalli. It describes the adventures of Dominar Syzek Govus as he leads the Golem's Will through the dangers of the Bloodwind Spoil [1]


This page contains spoilers for: The Measure of Iron (novella)

Seeking to prove himself, Syzek arrives in the Spoil with a strong warband, plenty of slaves and a determination to find the components that will allow him to forge a weapon worth of Archaon himself. Yet as they fight their way through Sylvaneth turned to stone, Beastmen and myriad other dangers of the Eightpoints, Syzek finds that treachery lurks in his ranks and a shadowy enemy stalks his every move. [1]


The Measure of Iron is Book 7 in Novella Series 2.