The Masque

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The Masque is a Herald of Slaanesh who was formerly the chief attendant of Slaanesh but is now cast out and cursed to dance for eternity.[1a]


The Masque once served as the chief attendant of Slaanesh, and when Slaanesh was grim, the Masque would dance to lighten his thoughts with the most dazzling of acrobatic displays. However, when during the Great Game Tzeentch tricked Slaanesh into an unwinnable battle against both Khorne and Nurgle that resulted in his defeat and humiliation. Seeing the dark mood of their master, the Masque tried to ease his heart with their most energetic and scintillating dance, but Slaanesh only saw mockery and became enraged. The Masque was condemned as a traitor and Slaanesh wove a curse that caused the Masque to dance forever.[1a]

Wargear and Abilities

When dancing, the Masque enchants all who watch with the mesmerising rhythm of their movements and, depending the glorious tale of Slaanesh being enacted, the Herald’s golden mask changes to match the roles of the characters being played. Those who see it are compelled to join in the performance; both daemon and mortal alike are compelled to join the show. Depending on the dance, the effects vary; for example, in the Dance of Dreaming, where the slumbering prince waits to be born, the troupe is lulled into a lethargic trance, and in the Dance of Death, a re-enactment of one of Slaanesh’s great victories over Khorne, the cast leap and flail and claw at their eyes and throats. The Masque's victims dance themselves to their deaths as they try to keep pace the daemon.[1a]

The Masque is armed with ravaging claws and carries the Staff of Masks, a staff that carries masks that constantly flicker and change to enhance the Masque’s attacks or protecting from harm. [2]