The Realmgate Wars: The Lords of Helstone

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The Lords of Helstone
The Lords of Helstone Audio Cover.jpg
Author(s) Josh Reynolds
Released December 2015
Preceded by Sands of Blood
Followed by Bridge of Seven Sorrows

The Realmgate Wars: The Lords of Helstone is a short story by Josh Reynolds which describes the quest of the Stormcast Eternals to find Nagash.[1] It is a third story in the 'Hunt for Nagash' series.[2]

Also released in the Anthology Mortarch of Night.[3]


Mannfred von Carstein leads his Stormcast allies into the deathly city of Helstone... What does he seek, and why does Lord-Celestant Tarsus feel a connection to the forsaken place?[1]

The inevitable happens, and the Hallowed Knights' uneasy ally betrays them... or does he? And get more insights into Lord-Celestant Tarsus' past as he confronts memories. Could he be one of the long lost Lords of Helstone? And if so, what does that mean for his mission to find Nagash?[1]

The quest to find the Nine Gates that lead to the underworlds of Shyish and an audience with Nagash continues... Tarsus of the Hallowed Knights leads his Stormcast Eternals into the unearthly city of Helstone. Their enigmatic guide, Mannfred von Carstein, assures them that what they need to find his necromantic master lies within its halls, but there is more than darkness lurking in the ruins. Chaos has already taken root and a reckoning against the servants of the Plague God awaits.[1]