The Long Wait

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The Long Wait refers to the time in Azyr during the Age of Chaos, after the Gates of Azyr were closed, when Sigmar and the Six Smiths reforged and trained the first Stormcast Eternals. It is during this time that the Stormcasts compete in thunderous war drills in the Gladitorium.[1a]

Azyr is also cleansed of Chaos Worshippers by Sigmar, his Order of Azyr and the Shadowblades. The armies of Azyrheim hunt down all tainted creatures including Orruks and Dragon Ogors. This task is eventually taken up by the Stormhosts as part of their training.[1a][2]

Peace and progress rained in Azyr during this period. To the other Realms this time was known as the Red Century when Chaos claimed dominion over the realms after Sigmar had turned his back on them. This period ended with the Realmgate Wars and the beginning of the Age of Sigmar.[1a][3a]