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{{{3}}} Grymwatch
Grand Alliance Death
Faction Flesh-Eater Courts
Sub-Faction Hollowmourne
Leader Duke Crakmarrow
Members Gristlwel, Greatsword
Master Talon
Night's Herald
Royal Butcher
Valreek the Tracker
Duke's Harriers

Grymwatch are a Flesh-eater Courts warband whose members hail from a ruined kingdom laying to the north of the Beastgrave. They are degenerate ghouls who suffer from grand delusions just like all members of the Flesh-Eater Courts. They ride out at the command of the degenerate beast whom they perceive to be the heroic Duke Crakmarrow. Hailing from a blasted and ruined kingdom far to the north, the Grymwatch have come questing to slay the monstrous entity that they believe lurks at Beastgrave’s heart. After all, they can’t risk letting this terrible creature threaten their ‘crops’ or menace their ‘peasant folk’. Now, slavering, grunting and snarling, the ghouls of the Grymwatch scramble through the tunnels, honourable hunters in search of their monstrous prey.[1]


The Grymwatch largely originates from what was once the stronghold of Gryphon's Watch. As the members of the Grymwatch remember it, it had been laid siege to by a horde of Beastmen, who were later routed by the resplindent Lord Ghorphang and his First Hunters. The routed Beastmen supposedly made their way into the Beastgrave, with the Grymwatch tasked with the holy mission of exterminating the remaining Beastmen. However, the truth is far more sinister. Ghorphang was in fact a Ghoul King who, after routing the Beastmen had continued the siege of the citadel. Eventually breaking through, the ghouls proceeded to feast upon the already starved population, with a select few such as Valreek being recruited into the mad army. It's also possible that there never were any Beastmen, and the settlement had simply been massacred by the ghoulish army of King Ghorphang.[2]


Duke Crakmarrow

Main article: Duke Crakmarrow

Duke Crakmarrow is the leader of the Grymwatch, tasked by his Ghoul King Lord Ghorphang with the task of slaying the Beastmen known as Grashrak's Despoilers that have occupied the Beastgrave, and their shaman who the king fears may awaken the mountain.[2] Armed with a halberd, he coordinates his warband with a shrill cries.[3b] The duke's authority over his loyal men-at-arms is absolute, their obedience instant.[3a][3c]

Gristlwel, Greatsword

Main article: Gristlwel, Greatsword

Gristlwel perceives himself to be the duke's devoted comrade and honourable champion. In his mind's eye he wields a great and gleaming blade with consummate skile and cuts a dashing and debonair figure of high adventure as he carves a path through the fray.[3]

Master Talon

Main article: Master Talon

The duke's master of hawk, or so he believes himself to be, Master Talon scurries into battle with a song in his heart. He hunts out isolated prey, chasing them down with dogged determination. After all, he wishes only to impress the duke with his calibre he trophies he takes.[3]

Night's Herald

Main article: Night's Herald

Always the Night's Herald hastens before his noble duke, crying out in his loudest and most far-crying tones to announce brave Crakmarrow's coming. Those who fail to show respect are soon taught a violent lesson, for he will let no insult to his beloved master stand.[3]

Royal Butcher

Main article: Royal Butcher

Every bit as important as battle is the victory feast to be devoured after the fight is won. To this end, the Royal Butcher picks his way through the carnage and seeks out the choicest cuts and sweetmeats, believing the foe had brought these as provisions with them.[3]

Valreek the Tracker

Main article: Valreek the Tracker

Valreek, mistress of the duke's trackers, is as relentless and single-minded a hunter as the Mortal Realms has ever known. It is her duty to ensure that whatever prey her noble liege marks for death is swiftly run to the ground, and it is a duty she takes with deadly seriousness.[3] Valreek was originally a defender of Gryphon's Watch when the ghouls of King Ghorphang first overran her home city. Unlike many of her people, she was denied death and chained up within the city's citadel as she was forced to observe the butchery of her countrymen. Eventually, she was unshackled and was given a morsel of human flesh to consume, turning her to a ghoul and later inducted into the Grymwatch.[2]

Duke's Harriers

Main article: Duke's Harriers

The Duke's Harriers are a group of small Fell Bats that accompany the warband. They are drawn to the scent of blood and swoop in quickly for their meal.[3d]



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