The Great Waaagh!

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The Great Waaagh! was a Waaagh! that happened during the Age of Myth.[1]


In order to pacify Gorkamorka and his unruly Greenskin hordes and tribes, the God-council requested the two-headed deity to led his servants into the wild of the Mortal Realms and slay the monstrous beasts and other tribes.[1]

The Great Waaagh!

The two-headed god grew tired of orders and lands and eventually bellowed a deep-throated "Waaagh!", starting a massive crusade of greenskins that trampled cities, armies and monsters from one end of the Mortal Realms to the other. After he reached the World's End, he turned around and did it all over again and smashed rebuilt civilizations from his last round of devastation. This Waaagh! ended when the tribes of greenskin, mired with internal squabbles, fractured Gorkamorka into two beings and succumbed to infighting.[1]


This was one of the many events that lead to the fall of Sigmar's Great Alliance and the start of the Age of Chaos. Many Waaaghs! followed but these incursions were not as mighty or as long-lived as the first one.[1]