The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz (novel)

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The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz
The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz.jpg
Author(s) Guy Haley
Released February 2024
Preceded by The Arkanaut's Oath

The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz is a novel about Drekki Flynt by Guy Haley and published by Black Library.[1]

Cover Description[1]

There is something in Evtorr’s ravings that piques Drekki’s interest and that he can't let go – the Dead Air is the last known location of the famed Barak-Minoz. If they can just get there... Well, Drekki Flynt can smell aether-gold a realm off, and surely Barak-Minoz is dripping with riches just ripe for the taking.

But there are forces at work that would stop Drekki from finding out what happened to Barak-Minoz. To even locate it, he must do what no captain has ever done before – navigate the Eye of Testudinous, and live to tell the tale!