The Fist of an Angry God (short story)

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The Fist of an Angry God
The Fist of an Angry God Cover.jpg
Author(s) William King
Released February 26, 2020
Pages 34

The Fist of an Angry God (short story) is a short story by William King.[1]


For many long months, the Knights-Excelsior have laid siege to the Chaos fortress of Azumbard. Eight great gates have fallen, and now the ninth – and final – gateway lies within reach. As cultists, tzaangors and daemons desperately try to stop the storm-forged invaders, Liberator-Prime Balthus feels uneasy. Though victory is at hand, something is wrong. Balthus is right to be wary, for the servants of Tzeentch are wily and subtle, and great horror awaits him...[1]


This story was printed in the following anthologies: